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Inspection & Quality Control

Quality control is considered a vital part of the companies strength. Considerable investment has been made in terms of measuring and inspection equipment. Every order is thoroughly inspected prior to dispatch and records kept for future reference.

Customers can have every confidence that we will manufacture products to the highest standards.

Incoming orders are logged onto the computing system. Each stage of the production process is monitored on our workshop terminal giving us full control of each order at all times. On completion the relevant information is archived for future reference.

Components manufactured by Cambmac are made to the highest specification. Cambmac made parts are used in products as diverse as those used in intricate micro-surgery techniques to modern reconnaissance equipment, from sporting clay pigeon traps to heavy manufacturing industry.

The images on this website show the detailed nature of the work we undertake at Cambmac Engineering.

Business has a constant trend for evolution towards zero defects. This is ongoing in terms of training, monitoring and inspection. Whilst already informally operating to the principles of structured quality planning system, full ISO 9001 / 14001 will be implemented in 2014

Inspection facilities

  • Mitutoyo co-ordinate measuring machine.
  • Mitutoyo shadow graph.
  • Surface finish measuring machine.
  • Full set of inspection gauges/ traditional hand measurement.